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Calling all women who are looking to take a much needed break & to feed their body, mind and soul through a day of self-care, self-awareness and inner connection. 

You are invited! 

Come to recharge through yoga, sound healing, meditation, re-wiring & dance. Give yourself space & time to reconnect & reflect on the power & wisdom within you. 

This day retreat is for you if:​

  1. You are looking for stillness in the chaos of modern life 

  2. You want to provide yourself with self-care through new creative ways, yoga & dance!

  3. You want to share, learn and meet other amazing women who are on a similar journey

  4. You want to become more aware & explore unconscious patterns that have limited your full potential 


5. You are looking for a deeper understanding in your journey as a woman

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A day retreat to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself through the power of yoga, meditation, sound healing & dance. Learn about your unconscious mind and ways to recognize habits, patterns & language that have kept you from connecting with yourself & people you love.


May 1, 2023

9:30AM - 4:00PM

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Tiburon, California

Exact address will be

provided to registered attendees

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Marcela Lembi is deeply passionate about the healing and transcendental powers of yoga. An avid and devoted practitioner for many years, she furthered her studies in 2019 receiving her 200 hour YTT at Now Power Yoga, following with a two-month long intensive course in Bali, Indonesia, under the guidance of Osho disciple, Maitreya Prema.


Marcela’s classes are a Hatha rooted, beat driven experience of release, play, and meditation in movement, that supports her students to become fully present while discovering the divine within. Yoga and movement have been transformative for Marcela in her own life. Yoga and movement have played a significant role in Marcela's own journey of personal growth and transformation, leading her to create a nurturing and sacred space for other women to connect with their highest selves. She has long been passionate about bringing people together in a collective that encourages them to drop in, let go, and connect to their highest selves.. Marcela's teachings aim to support her students in discovering their own inner power and unlocking their full potential.


Geno La Placa is a skilled life coach with a passion for personal growth and transformation. Following a successful career in Finance, she experienced the sudden loss of her mother to cancer, which led her on a search of self-discovery and finding Conscious Parenting coaching. Geno discovered coaching was a way to help her through her grief, reconnect with herself and her kids. Her purpose became clear to her: to use her experience and expertise to guide others on their own journey of healing, integrating, evolving, empowering, and transformation.

Geno has obtained several certifications in various coaching methods, including Conscious Parenting from Dr. Shefali Tsabari and Soul Care from Suzi Lula. Additionally, she received her Compassionate Inquiry Trauma Informed Certification from Gabor Mate and is certified as an NLP practitioner, Timeline Therapy practitioner, and Liberation coach by Zen Stoic from the Tad James School. These experiences have enabled her to develop a unique coaching methodology that empowers clients to take charge of their lives. Geno is deeply interested in the connection between body, mind, brain, and emotions, with a particular passion for neuroscience and human behavior. She is continuously learning and expanding her knowledge.

Geno's coaching style is founded on empathy, compassion, and a profound understanding of human emotions and mind programming. Her coaching practice, Be Kind & Present, is built on the belief that kindness and presence are the keys to personal transformation. Her mission is to empower individuals to overcome their limiting beliefs, heal past traumas, and lead lives filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.



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Leslie L. Bost is a Trauma Informed Conscious Parenting Coach & Soul Care Coach trained by Dr. Shefali Tsbary, Dr. Gabor Maté & Suzi Lula. 


Her meditation journey started 5 years ago when pregnant with her 4th child she started studying Mindfulness by Chris Goto-Jones from Leiden University in Netherlands. Then later certified in Transcendental Meditation (TM) and took a deep dive into Conscious Parenting which combines Spiritual Psychology & Meditation practices. 


Since then, Leslie has taken different meditation courses by teachers like Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Suzi Lula, Cory Muscara, David Ji, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, and The Presence Process by Michael Brown. 


She has also guided meditations for countless clients, worked with companies such as The Helper´s Tent, and wisdom teachers like Suzi Lula. 


Meditation is a non-negotiable daily self-care routine in Leslie´s life, a sacred date with herself where the present moment is met, judgment-free. Leslie believes that if we nourish ourselves from within, with loving self-care on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, we will become the change we want to see in our children, our world, and beyond. We all have the ability to connect to our soul, and meditation is an amazing portal.



Whats included: 

  • Power yoga by Marcela Lembi

  • Guided meditation by Leslie L. Bost

  • Sound healing by Sonic Shala

  • Workshops: 

    • Rewire, Re-parent & Reflect by Geno La Placa & Leslie L. Bost

    • Human Element & Intuition by Gabriela Buich

  • Dance by Tika Morgan 

  • A sacred space to rest, reflect, move, feel and BE

  • Healthy & delicious lunch & snacks 


$375 USD

Exclusive retreat, limited spaces


1. Do I need any previous Yoga, Dance or Meditation experience?

No! All levels of yoga, dance and meditation are welcome and no previous knowledge is needed. 

2. Is this retreat only for women?

Yes, this time around the retreat will be solely for women. 

3. Can children attend the retreat? 

No. We suggest this time to be used for you as self-care.​

4. Can I invite friends?

Yes! Share this link with them of have them text or call Geno at +16095323191

5. Can I join if I am from out of town?

Of course! If you are coming from out of town we can recommend hotels, transportation and restaurants for your visit. 

6. Can I have a private session with Marcela, Geno and/or Leslie?

Yes! Depending on availability, we would be happy to accommodate you.

7. I cannot attend the full day, can I attend part of the day?

The intention of the workshop requires that you commit & gift yourself the full day experience. However, you are free to leave early if you need to. 

8. What is the cancellation policy?

50% refund if you cancel 1 week prior to the event and 0% refund after 1 week. Leslie is a special guest flying from out of town, so we will need to secure her attendance which makes cancellations difficult. Thank you for understanding 

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Gabriela Buich is an experienced executive coach, strategic advisor, and master facilitator who is the CEO and Founder of 3Cs Coaching LLC. She is an ICF Master Certified Executive Coach a Master Licensed Human Element®  practitioner.  With several thousand dedicated hours of individual executive coaching and a decade of team coaching experience, Gabriela has successfully facilitated organizational development for a variety of global industries, including NASA, Adobe, Appirio, and private equity-backed ventures. Her coaching methods are based on generating conscious change while elevating awareness in leaders to develop high-trust teams. Gabriela's passion for integrating cultures and developing interpersonal relationships has allowed her to effectively connect with the executives and teams she works with, making her known in the industry as "The Jedi of Change." Gabriela's emphasis on working with C-Suite executives and high-profile leaders to improve team effectiveness and communication has made her a sought-after executive coach and strategic advisor.


Bridgette Joy is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She has held a thriving private practice for the last ten years in Marin County. In the last several years sound healing has been her main focus. She loves offering one-on-one sound healing sessions to help individuals experience the restorative power of sound. She also holds weekly group sound baths at her sanctuary space and other locations in Marin. Her biggest passion with sound is its ability to help people let go of their racing mind. Using the power of song, Bridgette loves to use her voice in sessions as a tool to connect to our heart center. She is passionate about showing others the power of the voice as a healing tool. Her services include one-on-one sound therapy sessions, group sound baths, wellness education, and bodywork. She also holds sacred community gatherings and women’s circles.


Tika Morgan is an innovative choreographer, dance retreat facilitator, and Latin dance teacher with a devoted global following. She began dancing at four, performing professionally at 11 and working with multiple dance companies as both dancer and choreographer. Having grown up in India with her artist mother, creator of the OSHO Zen Tarot, Tika's dance ethnology trips to Brazil and Cuba continue to date. She's a graduated teacher of the Silvestre Dance Technique and has choreographed for concerts, musical theater, music videos, and carnival parades, offering annual performance workshops. Tika has been featured in various publications, including Quién Magazine, Marie Claire Latin América, and Sf Chronicle, and The Guardian recently recognized her workshops among the top 20 choices for 2022.

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