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You are invited! To dance, connect, meditate and unleash the power you already are. 


This 4-day dance retreat is for you if:

1. You are looking for a deeper meaning in your journey as a woman

2. You want to provide yourself with self-care in new and creative ways 

3. You can only commit to a small amount of hours a day for a retreat 

4. You want to connect and meet other amazing souls who are on a similar path


5. You love dancing!

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Tika Morgan Dance workshops and retreats are centered around dance as a way of life. Embodying and celebrating the power available within us. By working with fundamental technique, traditional, and popular movement, her retreats offer an opportunity for dancers at any level, to delve into discovering our body’s potential as we move. Participants are guided to explore the interplay between form and freedom and the power of moving as one. Both reverent and joyous, dancers will experience historical and symbolic references for even the most basic steps so that we experience what she calls “dancing our human story”.


March 22-25, 2023

4 hours a day for 4 days 

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Los Cabos, Mexico 

Studio Corazón - A space where Dance and Wellness meet 

Tika Morgan

Tika Morgan is a choreographer, innovator and retreat facilitator of contemporary & latin dance. 

Her unique teaching style has garnered her a loyal and devoted following throughout the world. Tika began dancing at age four and performing professionally at age 11, 

going on to work in several dance companies as both dancer and choreographer. Her formative years were spent in India with her artist mother, creator of the OSHO Zen Tarot

was a resident artist of Osho International.  Tika has made dance ethnology trips to Brazil and Cuba which continue to date. She is a graduated teacher of the acclaimed

 Silvestre Dance Technique and has been working with its founders since 2008. Tika has choreographed for concerts, musical theater, music videos and carnival parades-and offers performance workshops annually. Her work has been featured in Quién Magazine Mexico, Marie Claire Latin América, Sf Chronicle and most recently her workshops was chosen by The Guardian’s as one top 20 choices for 2022  


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Trauma Informed Conscious Parenting Coach & Soul Care Coach trained by Dr. Shefali Tsbary, Dr. Gabor Maté & Suzi Lula. 


Her meditation journey started 5 years ago when pregnant with her 4th child she started studying Mindfulness by Chris Goto-Jones from Leiden University in Netherlands. Then later certified in Transcendental Meditation (TM) and took a deep dive into Conscious Parenting which combines Spiritual Psychology & Meditation practices. 


Since then, Leslie has taken different meditation courses by teachers like Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Suzi Lula, Cory Muscara, David Ji, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, and The Presence Process by Michael Brown. 


She has also guided meditations for countless clients, worked with company´s such as The Helper´s Tent, and wisdom teachers like Suzi Lula. 


Meditation is a non-negotiable daily self-care routine in Leslie´s life, a sacred date with herself where the present moment is met, judgment-free. Leslie believes that if we nourish ourselves from within, with loving self-care on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, we will become the change we want to see in our children, our world, and beyond. We all have the ability to connect to our soul, and meditation is an amazing portal.

Leslie Bost

Whats included: 

  • 4 days of dance with Tika Morgan based on Cuban and Brazilian dance from contemporary to folkloric

  • 4 days of grounding and ending meditation by Leslie L. Bost to integrate the expansive experience of movement and connection to your soul 

  • A sacred space to move, feel and BE


$320 USD

Early Bird

Before March 1, 2023

$400 USD

After March 1, 2023


1. Do I need any previous Dance or Meditation experience?

No! All levels of dance and meditation are welcome and no previous knowledge is needed. 

2. Is this retreat only for women?

Yes, this time around the retreat will be solely for women. 

3. Can children attend the retreat? 

We suggest this time be used for you as self-care, however, if you have a daughter that loves to dance and can remain in meditation, it can be a wonderful way to connect as Mother-Daughter.

4. Can I invite friends?

Yes! Share this link with them of have them text or call Leslie at +526243554399

5. Can I join if I am from out of town?

Of course! If you are coming from out of town we can recommend hotels, transportation and restaurants for your visit. 

6. Can I have a private session with Tika and/or Leslie?

Yes! Depending on availability, Tika & Leslie would be happy to accommodate you.

7. Can I attend just one day?

While we suggest you commit to the full event, depending on availability we might open up tickets for single days. 

8. What is the cancellation policy?

50% refund if you cancel 3 weeks prior to the event and 0% refund after 3 weeks. Tika is a special guest flying from out of town, so we will need to secure her attendance which make cancellations difficult. Thank you for understanding  

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